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Zoo Animals – Card # 3

The work in Combo #4 is a good illustration of how Erik’s work as an artist has changed over the years of his career from simplistic to more detailed to a more abstract form.

Looking For Mama (seal)

Erik watches the seals in Kachemak Bay as the tides are turning.  They sit on the rocks in front of our house and bask year around when there are no winds.  The babies like this one are always looking around as the larger ones are sleeping on the rocks. This is a very simple, innocent form of his early work.

Porkie (porcupine)

This adorable porcupine walked up the pussy willows blossoming right outside our window one day.  Erik drew pictures of them at that time. It illustrates he is experimentation with multiple lines in his work for the first time.

A Big Brown Bear

Erik’s art changed form with many multiple lines in this piece or pictures he drew at earlier times but he still maintains the innocence and proportion of a bear.

The Old Moose

As Erik’s career advanced in years, he turned from the simpler lines of Combo #1 to double, triple and quad line images as seen in this moose. The feet have also lost their characteristics and his art in general slowly turned to a more abstract form.

A Sheep With Horns

This is an Erik version of a Dahl Sheep. This is an indication of his art transitioning into a more abstract form.

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