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It’s Okay Mom

Written by Linda Thompson
Illustrated by David Behnke

It’s Okay Mom is the true Alaskan story of Linda Thompson, a
parent of three children all with challenges. It begins with life in the
wilderness of Lake Clark region before her first son is born. Once baby
Erik is in her arms, people want her to institutionalize him. When her twins are
born, she faces life/death realities as they present themselves. Her husband’s
job slowly draws him away from home when they move to the capital,
Juneau, and he becomes the Director of Subsistence under
Governor Sheffield. The marriage is slowly crushed. Linda returns to the
wilderness of Alaska to be a Bush teacher, raising her surviving boys
alone, standing by them, no matter what. It’s Okay Mom is a story of trust, love of family, and triumph
over adversity.

Published by
Publication Consultants, P.O. Box 221974,  Anchorage, Alaska  99522 (907)
349-2424 Fax 349-2426

Item # B-02-08
# 978-1-59433-081-0
Size is 6"x9"
267 pages of text, photos and  illustrations.

Price: $18.95

Shipping: $10.00

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