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The Alaskan Animal ABC Coloring Book
was printed in April, 2005 and has thirty-one pages of black lines by Erik.
Twenty-seven animals are matched with an alphabetical letter, and a small saying
in the corner that often is tied to Alaskan towns or place names.  On the bottom
of the page are lines for a child to write the saying or name of the animal.
Four pages are black lines of art drawn in 2005.  Also included is an Alaskan
map and biographical page about Erik.

This book was first designed when Erik
and Linda were at Kenny Lake School (1997-1999).  They added the 2005 black
lines and Linda designed the layout and cover in March of 2005.  Finally it went
to print.  (Better late than never, we always say.)

We are very pleased to hear that teachers are using
it in schools for both instruction and for inspiration to other young

Published by Brown Bear Products

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