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Shedding Musk Ox

We decided Erik needed to draw a muskox as we planned his portfolio but he had never seen them in the wild during our years in the bush.  I took him to the Alaska Zoo where they had a very grumpy bull muskox that looked a mess with clumps of stringy quiviut hanging off his body. I found that the zoo keepers didn’t clean or comb him because of his frightening behaviors.  Erik and I took a roll of film of the muskox that day and had them developed.  When we returned home, I gave him the pictures and he drew this adorable muskox.

9 1/2" X 6 3/8"
24.2 X 16.2 cm

All prints below are produced in an off set lithography press using archival quality ink on 10 point or 100 pound cover stock acid free paper.

Price: $48.00

Shipping: $18.50

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