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Let Us Be Brave

An Alaskan Story of Special Olympians United to Survive

by Linda Kay Thompson
A dramatic bush plane crash in coastal Alaska leaves the pilot injured. The passengers, a team of
Special Olympic Athletes, must fend for themselves to survive. An Alaska storm first threatens to
overwhelm them during the night as they care for their unconscious pilot. Each must confront the
challenges of survival in the wilderness, while transcending their limitations. Forced to overcome
their habits of dependency and help each other, the group finds courage in the Olympic oath: “Let
me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

Linda Kay Thompson is an author, art-gallery owner in Homer, Alaska, and retired special education
teacher in intensive-needs. Her teaching career, mother of a special needs son, and Alaska Special
Olympics coach helped her to see beyond the labels and limitations commonly associated with
“disabilities.” Linda is an advocate for these adults and children who each carry unique gifts. Her
life has been blessed by her son, Erik David Behnke, a professional artist with Down Syndrome
and autism. The two have been active in the art world since 1997, when Linda began to unravel
Erik’s talent in a rural classroom in Kenny Lake, Alaska. She obtained her Masters degree in Special
Education to better understand her children at home and school.
Linda started her writing career developing historical reports for publication as a federal
and state researcher. She has published two non-fiction books: Erik’s Story, finding his gifts
against all odds in rural Alaska, and It’s Okay Mom, an Alaska story of trust, love of family and triumph over adversity.

ISBN 978-1-59433-445-0-51795

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Coloring Book

The Alaskan Animal ABC Coloring Book
was printed in April, 2005 and has thirty-one pages of black lines by Erik.
Twenty-seven animals are matched with an alphabetical letter, and a small saying
in the corner that often is tied to Alaskan towns or place names.  On the bottom
of the page are lines for a child to write the saying or name of the animal.
Four pages are black lines of art drawn in 2005.  Also included is an Alaskan
map and biographical page about Erik.

This book was first designed when Erik
and Linda were at Kenny Lake School (1997-1999).  They added the 2005 black
lines and Linda designed the layout and cover in March of 2005.  Finally it went
to print.  (Better late than never, we always say.)

We are very pleased to hear that teachers are using
it in schools for both instruction and for inspiration to other young

Published by Brown Bear Products

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Erik’s Story

 Erik’s Story is the true story of young Erik David Behnke, born with Down’s Syndrome, autism and at one time–no future.  His single mother, Linda Kay Thompson, takes a job in rural Kenny Lake, Alaska, as a special education teacher, determined to free the light she glimpses within her child.  Where everyone struggles to survive in a frigid land, Linda finds more than a loving community; she discovers her oldest son is an artistic savant.  Thrilled beyond her greatest hopes, she works tirelessly,helping him develop as a professional artist, which she knows absolutely nothing about, before he graduates from high school.  Erik has three professional shows in Alaska his first year, which lead to his art being shown and sold around the world.  Erik’s story is a triumph of survival, the faith of a family, and the grace that is love.

Published by
Publication Consultants, P.O. Box 221974,  Anchorage, Alaska  99522 (907)
349-2424 Fax 349-2426

Item # B-01-07
ISBN  978-1-59433-058-2
Size is 6″x9″
160 pages of text, photos and  illustrations

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It’s Okay Mom

Written by Linda Thompson
Illustrated by David Behnke

It’s Okay Mom is the true Alaskan story of Linda Thompson, a
parent of three children all with challenges. It begins with life in the
wilderness of Lake Clark region before her first son is born. Once baby
Erik is in her arms, people want her to institutionalize him. When her twins are
born, she faces life/death realities as they present themselves. Her husband’s
job slowly draws him away from home when they move to the capital,
Juneau, and he becomes the Director of Subsistence under
Governor Sheffield. The marriage is slowly crushed. Linda returns to the
wilderness of Alaska to be a Bush teacher, raising her surviving boys
alone, standing by them, no matter what. It’s Okay Mom is a story of trust, love of family, and triumph
over adversity.

Published by
Publication Consultants, P.O. Box 221974,  Anchorage, Alaska  99522 (907)
349-2424 Fax 349-2426

Item # B-02-08
# 978-1-59433-081-0
Size is 6″x9″
267 pages of text, photos and  illustrations.

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